Malaysia 1st Voice-Activated Solution

What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo is a SMART SPEAKER capable of controlling smart home devices, play music,
send and receive messages, make call, provide information and more.
All you have to do is ASK!

Next-Generation Smart Home

Let us help you with our latest next generation smart home solutions.

Fully Customizable

Our expertise as an smart home system integrator will ensure us to customized a system that always meet your personal needs.

Future-Proof System

Thanks to it open source protocol, Amazon Echo has became one of the hottest device in smart home industry to meet your technology needs now and in the future.

More Than Smart Home

Amazon echo can do more than just smart home control. Echo will be your personal assistant to play music, send and receive message, make calls as well as provide you with information such as news, weather, sports scores and more – INSTANTLY BY JUST ASK!

Unlimited Possibilities

A fast-growing trend in smart home technology from traditional connected lights, security to modern connected appliances, smart lock, etc – Nothing Is Impossible!

Feature Rich.

Comfort   ·   Covenience   ·   Security   ·   Control   ·   Energy Efficiency


Set the air-conditioner at the desired level before you reach home.


Lock & arm the front door automatically when you are heading to work.


Get a notification instantly for any unexpected visitor while away from home.


Turn on the lights with your mobile phone away from home.

Energy Efficiency

Monitor daily energy usage from your mobile phone.


Send & receive message, wake up to your favourite Spotify songs & more.

Watch the Introductory film

*not all features shown in the video by Amazon are available in Malaysia*

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