A Worldwide Leading Standard

What is KNX System?

KNX is a worldwide OPEN PROTOCOL STANDARD for home & building automation with more than 170 certified manufacturers, 22000 KNX partners & 10mil KNX products installed globally. KNX is a more versatile solutions offering a complete smart home system solutions from a single-family house to a more complicated commercial building.

Next-Generation Smart Home

Let us help you with our latest next generation smart home solutions.

The Worldwide STANDARD

If you looking for the most establish & FUTURE-PROOF system – KNX is the answer with over 340 KNX members worldwide, 7000 KNX certified product groups & several million successful KNX installation.

KNX stands for High Product Quality

KNX Association requires a high level of production & quality control during all stages of the product’s life. Therefore, all manufacturing members have to show compliance with ISO9001.


KNX is versatile in every aspect thanks to its ability to supports several communication media from KNX TP, PL, RF or even IP. Hence, KNX can be used in any kind of building from existing to new with little time and fiancial investment.

Unlimited Possibilities

KNX can be used for all possible functions or applications in home and building control ranging from lighting & shutter control to security, air conditioning, monitoring, household appliances, audio and lots more.


Feature Rich.

Comfort   ·   Covenience   ·   Security   ·   Control   ·   Energy Efficiency


Set the air-conditioner at the desired level before you reach home.


Lock & arm the front door automatically when you are heading to work.


Get a notification instantly for any unexpected visitor while away from home.


Turn on the lights with your mobile phone away from home.

Energy Efficiency

Monitor daily energy usage from your mobile phone.


Send & receive message, wake up to your favourite Spotify songs & more.

Watch the Introductory film

*An introductory film of KNX smart home system from GIRA*

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